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K.L Shastri Ji

Why us

It is not uncommon to be in denial about the problems in life. Many of us indulge in the “Why Me” Phenomenon, cursing God, the Almighty, for putting us in an unfavorable position. We believe that we have lead a virtuous life until then, done no wrong to deserve something so disturbing happen to us. It seems implausible to us that the person we love may not love us back, we may not be fortunate enough to get married at the societal standards of right age, we may get sick with a difficult disease to cope with, loss of a beloved one, minor problems every now and then and mostly, money matters. When any such misfortune falls upon us, we find ourselves thinking, “Why Me?”
We blame God, the Almighty for not being fair, we blame Him for giving us a misfortune we do not deserve, we blame Him for being harsh and testing us perpetually. We blame whatever seems to be the easiest to blame, in most cases, God, the Almighty.
What we fail to see, is that God is not doing anything to us. It is human nature to think this way, when in reality, God, the Almighty loves us. He would never be unfair to those who are true to him. He would never do anything unjust to a true believer and a person who hasn’t done anything wrong. We fail to realize, in our despair that God is the fairest of all, his is a balance that cannot be tampered with and never tips the wrong way. He only does that which we deserve and in the process of doing so blesses us with the utmost leniency and makes the perfect judgment call. In our misconceptions, we commit a serious offence; we become unfair to Him and do wrong to Him.
Our belief system leads us to ignore the just nature of God. It leads us to forget about the sins and the wrong we have committed in our previous lives. Let us all remember the Karma Theory, what goes around, comes back around. If you have committed a wrong once you have to pay for it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in this lifetime, but there will come a time when you will pay for it. Our belief system has us believe that we have done everything possible to satisfy Him and be secure in our lives.
Sages and priest from time immemorial have taught us that God never victimizes his followers. We have to let go of preconception and presumptions and believe in God. We have to let him set the course of our lives. We have to let him tell us what we deserve, for in his audience nothing is wrong, in his court justice is always served. He has the power to give everybody exactly what they deserve, nothing less, nothing more. This life is transient, and we need to remember that it is the God, Almighty who has seen and made things happen, so it is only him who knows how to make things happen in all their fairness. We need to believe in his justice.
K.L Shastri Ji is known enormously for his work. He has proved to the people time and time again in solving these problems of denial. His work has been impeccable and he has been of great help to everybody he has worked for, allowing them to lead life with a sense of security. He has affected and helped people from all walks of life and made their work and life easier and more comfortable. He has helped with all matters, whether education, career, health, business, marriage, domestic life, etc. His only aim in life is to help people whenever and wherever possible so that they can lead a good life.
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